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#Rinôçérôse web
Sat Apr 2 9


20:30 Teatro Barceló

Rinôçérôse, the project led by the French duo formed by Patou and Jean-Philippe, have announced that they will come to Spain in April to offer a small tour where they will present their new album Angels and Demons.

Rinôçérôse, the project led by the French duo formed by Patou and Jean-Philippe, have announced that they will come to Spain in April.

#Andrés Cepeda web
Fri Apr 2 8

Andrés Cepeda

21:00 Teatro Barceló

Andrés Cepeda is going to perform in Madrid next Friday, 28th April, 2017, at Teatro Barceló. He has just released his latest production “Based on a Real Story” that has two CD’s and a DVD with the best songs of Colombian author. He is currently projected worldwide as one of the best representatives of Colombian music.

Andrés Cepeda has performed in Madrid on two occasions, the last time he performed in Madrid was in 2013 Sala Arena.

#Pain of Salvation web
Sun Apr 0 9

Pain of Salvation

21:00 Teatro Barceló

Pain of Salvation is a Swedish band and great referent of the genre Progressive Metal centered on the multitalented Daniel Gildenlöw. The music of the band stands out for great vocal ranges, powerful guitars, complex bass lines, abundant protagonism of keyboards and a solid rhythmic base on the drums.

There are abrupt changes between strong, calm, emotional passages and experiments with polyrhythms. Lyrically, the band tends to tackle current issues such as sexuality, war, environment, nuclear pollution, God’s nature, humanity and existence. Another characteristic of the band, is the fact that each album is a conceptual album with quite emotional and complex lyrics.

#Woods web
Fri Apr 0 7


20:00 Teatro Barceló

Woods is an American folk rock band formed in Brooklyn in 2005 by guitarist and singer Jeremy Earl, bassist Kevin Morby, multi-instrumentalist Jarvis Taveniere and G. Lucas Crane, dedicated to sound effects.

They have published to date an EP and eight studio albums, being the last with Light and with Love, of the year 2014. In general, they have been well received by the critic.

Thu Apr 0 6


22:00 Teatro Barceló

Toronto-based Canadian trio (which broadcasts their line up, even doubling it) led by the charismatic Katie Stelmanis, who has a striking dramatic voice.

Classical and operatic, Katie is ready to take on and take on any “New Kate Bush” type adhesive. Prior to this project, Stelmanis produced an arty and synthetic, tense pop. With Austra maintains his theatrical instinct and his desire for the synthetic, but making music more warm and comfortable.

It can be labeled as electro gothic drinking from the British new wave of the early 80’s (faction Japan, Soft Cell). As much as there is a lot of Giorgio Moroder in his DNA, we do not talk about dance music, since … His riffs do not beat or ripple, but flow and envelop. While they sound, Stelmanis does not sing above the music, he prefers that his voice is expressed mixed with the instrumental plot.

They are his songs that appeal to the dark “clubber” that we have inside, the fan of Depeche Mode and the groove to Studio 54. Anyone who doubts if they have been able to bring all this to the present only has to listen to their first album, “Feel It Break “, published in 2011 on the Domino label. “Olympia”, its successor, was released in the summer of 2013, produced by Mike Haliechuk (member of Fucked Up) and Damian Taylor (this, the vocal parts), more epic and doubling the bet to reach the big pop crossover. On January 20, his third album, “Future Politics”, was released.

#David Otero web
Sat Apr 0 1

David Otero

20:00 Teatro Barceló

David Otero will perform for the first time his new album: “David Otero”. The artist, formerly known as El Pescao, embarks on a new artistic stage, as David Otero, his real name.

A whole declaration of principles, which means that he does not want to leave anything in the gloom or hide behind an alias. At its best, the talent of a musician that is more creative and original than ever is born, without forgetting the energy that has always characterized its sound. David Otero celebrates change as a source of inspiration and lives from the most positive side.

“Once again” was the first single of this new stage, a pop-rock bomb with a devastating chorus and a message loaded with sexual tension in the key of casualness. “Micromagia” is the title of the second single, released on October 31 and will serve as the prelude to the publication of his new work in January 2017, under the Sony Music label.

The single has been co-produced by Tato Latorre (Maldita Nerea, Efecto Corridor) and David Otero himself. Do not miss the chance to experience one of the most promising tours in 2017.