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Los Zigarros web

The singer and rhythmic guitarist Ovidi is the second head of the group that forms with his brother, guitarist Álvaro Tormo. After being part of the band Los Perros del Boogie, they decided to take the step of joining as a duo and rescue their most personal musical concerns.

In the interpretation of his compositions he is accompanied by drummer Adrián Ribes and bassist Natxo Tamarit. Together they released their first self-titled album four years ago with the production of Carlos Raya, habitual of the national rock albums. He discarded the thirteen songs presented by the group and demanded the composition of another round of songs that were suitable for recording, honoring his qualification as the best producer of the country’s genre.

In 2016 they continued with their second album ‘A todo que sí’, released in April with the same Raya production and mastering Dave Collins at A & M Studios in Los Angeles. His name broke differences, becoming known as the rock and roll group of the generation by antonomasia.

In its beginnings they were openers of popular groups like Fito and Fitipaldis and even of AC / DC when they were part of the previous formation. His repertoire in the concerts, now in existence, includes both his own songs and themes of other artists who go through his guitars for the first time on the same day of the concert, giving a later necessary pass to improvisation.

ballantines web

Ballantine’s True Music Festival arrives! On June 9th and 10th, 140 artists are waiting for us. The first urban festival that allows the public to get lost in the city to find the music.
Do not miss it! 😉

#Y si fuera Sanz web

The frontman of this training is Fran Valenzuela, finalist of the program of Antena3 “Tu cara no me suena todavía”, that captivates all with its performance.

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