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FindeAño 31 Diciembre
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

Start 2018 in the best place possible with great people, music, DJs… You will experience a great night with us!!

Nochebuena 24 de Diciembre
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

Christmas Eve is a great night to enjoy with your family & friends. Come to Teatro Barceló and enjoy our great party!!

Fiesta Jueves 14
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

This Thursday, a new #BarceloDAY! It’s time to have an amazing time… Night of friends and lots of fun.

Lupas 14 de Diciembre
23:00 c/Barceló, 11

We arrive at Teatro Barceló to present our first album “Perdiendo el Norte”.
LUPAS is a group of pop music from Madrid with southern flair and we love making music for all audiences. Greetings, hugs and kisses.

Fiesta MY Miércoles 13 Diciembre
01:30 c/Barceló, 11

A new edition of the hottest party in Madrid! You will have an unforgettable night..

Fiesta 9 de Diciembre
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

And this Saturday we continue with the party! A PURE night awaits you like no other… Tell your friends!

Fiesta 8 de Diciembre
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

This Friday we open Teatro Barceló and we shout out loud FRIYAY more than ever! Do not miss it…

Fiestas Jueves 7 de Diciembre
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

This Thursday we will have another edition of # BarcelóDAY! Tell your friends and keep up the party …

My 6 de Diciembre
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

Do not miss the opportunity to know the most brutal party in Madrid! Increasingly fun, increasingly stronger..

Fiesta Martes 5 de Diciembre
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

This Tuesday, our special pre-festive party awaits you, by the hand of Yas cepeda, producer of “Perfect Strangers”. You won’t stop dancing!

Fonsi Nieto 2 Diciembre
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

One more year we will have the pleasure of celebrating the birthday of Fonsi Nieto in Teatro Barceló. Many friends will join the party, will you too?

Fiesta Viernes 1 Diciembre
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

It’s Friday and you no longer have excuses not to come and have fun with us … We will be waiting for you at our FRIYAY party!

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