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It´s about two different musical groups:

Superorganism which is an indie pop band formed by 8 people. And Rrucculla, which is an artist who performs electronic music.
These artists going to make an incredible concert at Sound Isidro 2018!

Pablo Alborán

Pablo Alborán will be the protagonist of the 40 basic Opel corsa

, will give an exclusive show with LOS40. Pablo will present us with new songs from his new album Prometo, so you’ll hear songs that you’ve never enjoyed live. Don´t miss it!

Concierto Chancha Esteban y Manuel

The Sound Isidro concert

series will return to Madrid in 2018 with a new and interesting program that will be held in various venues throughout the city, including our Teatro Barceló’s concert hall.

In the Sound Isidro 2018 we will have the presentations of:

– Chancha Vía Circuito
– Esteban & Manuel

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