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RecycledJ 24 marzo

Recycled J will be presented in Madrid on Saturday, March 24, in our concert room. After several shows prior to the release of their first solo album “ORO ROSA”, the tour-presentation of the album arrives. Accompanied by Selecta a los platos, they present an audio-visual show full of energy and autotune, in which we will listen the already well-known “Valga la pena”, “Conmigo”, “31 días” or “Control”. The tour, programmed in more than 12 cities, promises to be very faithful to the album’s tracklist, which will go on sale on September 29.

Sobrinus The Wheels
Sobrinus has reissued their latest album, “13 Muecas Compiladas”, and will take it to two of the festivals of Mallorca Live. This resurrection of Sobrinus, thirteen years after its official separation in 2005, is still one of the great bets of the festival for this edition. “13 Muecas Compiladas” is already available on digital platforms and will be live this month at the festivities of the Mallorca Live 2018. The first is celebrated on March 23 at Teatro Barceló with Sobrinus and The Wheels as a guest band.
Firestone Route 2018 is a route of seven concerts in Spain and its first stop will be in Madrid, with the presentation of the Sevillian artist Beret, who with his music has revolutionized social networks. You cannot miss the opportunity to see him perform!
Destinados a ayudar

We present a new hosted by the Spanish Association Against Cancer with great artists on stage. A date that you cannot miss!

We will have the following invited artists:

– Mikel Erentxun
– Rafa Sánchez y Luis Bolín, La Unión
– Jordi Sánchez, OBK
– Manuel España, La Guardia
– Javier Ojeda, Danza Invisible
– Javier Andreu, La Frontera
– Luis Livingstone, Doctor Livingstone Supongo

Cartel Destinados a ayudar

Megara 2 de Marzo

MEGARA presents their new album “Aquí todos estamos locos”. The presentation will take place in our concert hall on Friday, March 2, 2018. As we are accustomed, it goes without saying that this will not be a normal concert. We will enter a renovated and modern “Wonderland” and accompany the band through the story related to the legendary story of Lewis Carroll.

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