15 – November

The super new “SUPERMAN SIN CAPA”. First artist of MY Fuckers & Lovers at Teatro Barceló. After a spectacular start MY bet on top-level artists for their new concept .. !! El Super Nuevo is considered one of the best Dominican urban artists of today.
His most famous song is “Superman Sin Capa”, for which he has won a Q Prize for Topic of the Year. Which have it playing on the main radio networks in the US, Central America, Europe and its Dominican Republic.
She has just released her new single with the name “she does not chape” which is having a great reception.

Fisrt tickets:
1×10 € (First entries)

Room: 150 €, 1 bottle (5 people)
Box seats: 180 €, 1 bottle (5 people)
Stage: 360 €, 2 bottles (6 people)

15 November 23:59 - 06:00
c/Barceló, 11
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