Abbey Road – The Beatles Show

COME BACK! That was the unanimous scream of thousands of followers of The Beatles when they decided to separate the group. And they were heard: using an alchemy of drums and guitars, the Liverpool quartet was reincarnated on the Abbey Road.

A concert of the Abbey Road is a tunnel to another dimension, to immerse itself in the music of the 60. With impeccable sounds and a repertoire that gathers the greatest hits of the British band during the period 1962-1966.

The musical instruments used by Abbey Road are the same ones used by the Liverpool Quartet during the years 62-70. Vox amps, Rickenbacker guitars, Gretsch, Fender Stratocaster, Gibson Casino, under Hofner and Rickenbacker and Dr Ludwig.

Considered by the musical magazine MOHO the 5th band tribute to The Beatles of the world and the first band tribute to The Beatles of non-English speech. The musical trajectory of Abbey Road can speak of more than 1,500 concerts by 4 continentes.Hasta here the words. Now, be prepared to travel in time with the ABBEY ROAD

“They Come back”

07 January 21:00 - 23:00
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