American party

After a month waiting we return to * TEATRO BARCELÓ * ?

The day * 27th MAY * with a party that never fails …

???? *American Party* ???

* Special * decorated for the occasion: balloons, flags and photocall?

?”Freshly made * popcorn carts and * cotton candy * so you can have a drink during the party”?

* Luminosos * and * painting * fluor to acclimate the party with the most handsome boys and girls of Madrid?

* LIGHTS OFF, MEGATRON, FIBERS * and the * GREATEST * rain of balloons ever seen

* Best animation team * of * ALL * Madrid with costumes never seen before? and best Cheerleaders?

That’s how we enjoyed the last American Party that we did.??

?VIP * entrance for € 15 with two drinks, light, Madness American flag and freshly made popcorn or cotton candy??

?Normal entrance for 10 € with two drinks.



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If you have any problem in your purchase, please contact 902070087 or


Entrada con dos consumiciones sin alcohol. Prohibida la entrada a menores de 14 años. Imprescindible DNI.


(Distribution costs 1.21€)

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Tickets available: 273

No entry for children under 14 years. Light Session without alcohol or tobacco.
It is compulsory to show ID. Entry under admission rules. Limited capacity. Customer Service: 678 385 904

27 May 17:30 - 22:00
Teatro Barceló
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