David de María

David De Maria is one of the most respected authors and composer of our national musical panorama, with almost 20 years of musical career, 10 albums released and more than one million copies sold.

On April 1st, he released its tenth studio album “Séptimo Cielo”. Produced by himself with JaviBu Carter and Sonobox recorded at studios in Madrid.

The album has 12 tracks, all composed by himself showing all his strength and renewed energy. Their sources of inspiration are one of the most important things in this album.

The first single is “Si te vas”, already available on digital platforms and playing on all radio stations. A theme with sounds of Cuban roots and influences strongly marked by his stay in La Habana in which the artist hopes to conquer the audience as it did with songs like “Precisamente Ahora” or “Cada vez que estoy sin Ti”.

04 November 21:00 - 23:00
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