Derivas Tributo Héroes del Silencio

Derivas tribute to Héroes del Silencio is a training of musicians located in Barcelona who for 6 years have paid tribute to one of the best rock bands of the national musical scene “HEROES OF SILENCE”.

All its components fans unconditional of the mythical group, began their journey there in 2007 in their eagerness to spread the songs of “HEROES OF SILENCE” with the simple intention of reviving so many unforgettable moments that made us live the Zaragozanos.

Nowadays the band is well consolidated, in addition to having all the necessary resources through “BEBA33 MANAGEMENT”, to offer an incomparable spectacle with a staging that transports you to the 90 ‘, time in which Heroes of the Silence was at the top of the world charts. So, if you have the opportunity to enjoy a Deriva concert do not let it escape for sure you will be impressed.

04 February 20:00 - 23:00
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