Exclusive party 2.0

After Easter holidays WE WILL RETURN SATURDAY 22 APRIL to the most ? disco in all Madrid … * TEATRO BARCELÓ!! * ?? We bring you the most DARING and EXCLUSIVE party …! ? ? * MEGA SEMÁFORO * ? ? * Exclusive party2.0 * ? where elegance will show the best public in Madrid.

For the first time in a SEMAFORO, we will have fluorine paint and the colors will be marked with * LUMINOUS GLASSES * instead of stickers. * We will have a * NEW MAN LASER SHOW * with the artist of the year …
??? @ nachofanodj??? And as always … our great * MEGATRÓN * ? ? A huge RAIN OF BALLONS AND LIGHTS to create a great atmosphere and * gifts * of bow ties and neckties for our boys.

⚫ Advance * VIP * tickets for 15 € with two drinks, access to VIP FLOORS and complements?

⚫ Entrance ticket on Saturday of the party (IF YOU ARRIVE TO STAY) for 10 € with two drinks ⚠ * REQUIRED ORIGINAL DNI * ⚠ #ExclusiveMadness

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If you have any problem in your purchase, please contact 902070087 or entradas@teatrobarcelo.com


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No entry for children under 14 years. Light Session without alcohol or tobacco.
It is compulsory to show ID. Entry under admission rules. Limited capacity. Customer Service: 678 385 904

22 April 17:30 - 22:00
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