Jesús and Dani (19 years old) are Gemeliers, in their debut they quickly became the greatest exponent of the fan phenomenon in Spain: # 1 in sales with all their albums – The best is yet to come (2014), Arabian Nights (2015) ), Thanks (2016) with those that accumulate in Spain alone more than 250,000 albums sold, the duo already has six Platinum Records.

Today, in 2018, Gemeliers – a.k.a. GMLRS – they give an important leap in their career giving free rein to their artistic instincts, leaving their mark on a new visual proposal and a more current sound and publish Stereo (2018) that becomes output again in # 1.

The letter of presentation of Stereo is the slow single with the collaborations of Joey Montana and Sharlene, and a spectacular videoclip recorded in Cuba with the renowned Venezuelan director Daniel Duran.

Far from losing strength, the project is winning fans and brands that support them, overcoming barriers and growing at a vertigo rate, proving that they are not an outdated or artificial project.

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20 January 20:00 - 21:30
c/Barceló, 11
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