Gira Del Voluntariado 2018

The Gira Del Voluntariado 2018 returns. This edition brings together great artists such as Fredi Leis, Georgina and Mundo Chillón.

The tickets have a cost of € 5 and all proceeds will be used to raise awareness and information on the importance of volunteering in Spain, because as mentioned by the platform itself “volunteer; change the world “, and that is his maximum commitment, people who want to improve the world as they found it and make it a better place.

The opening of doors will be at 8:00 p.m.

About the project “Curar y cantar” in collaboration L.A. Rock and Platform of Volunteering.

LEARNING VOLUNTEERING: CURAR Y CANTAR is an initiative of the Volunteering Platform of Spain – in collaboration with the LA Rock Foundation, chaired by Marcos Calvo – which aims to introduce volunteering in schools and institutes.
The project is aimed at students of Secondary and Baccalaureate and its objective is to make them aware of the voluntary task and its areas, as well as the reality of the most vulnerable groups of our society. And all this through music.
During the program awareness-raising workshops are held in which the students learn basic aspects about the solidary task, and musical workshops directed by musicians and professional artists. The ultimate goal is to perform musical performances in hospitals throughout the State.

LA Rock contributes to this project thanks to the contributions of all the guests to the concerts that it produces throughout the year. With the amount of € 5 per guest we can develop the first educational project that promotes solidarity, music and volunteering in our country. If you are invited to one of the concerts of LA Rock, we will send you the instructions to collect your ticket at the ticket office accompanied by a flyer with all the information about the project, and there you can make your donation, which will receive the Volunteering Platform of Spain and that will go to LEARNING VOLUNTEERING: CURAR Y CANTAR.
We want to bring music and solidarity to patients from all hospitals in Spain.

Help us build tomorrow’s society.

04 December 21:00 - 23:00
c/Barceló, 11
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