Hindi Zahra

Homeland, the celebrated third album by the Moroccan singer Hindi Zahra is like a logbook, a trip for the musics of his country, but also makes incursions in places like Cuba, Jordan, Andalusia, Egypt or Italy. In these songs, Zahra wanted to mix “Cuban rhythms with Moroccan percussions, Moroccan rhythms with Indian percussions …”, all commanded by a clear voice, with roots in jazz, blues, folk and French chanson, and with A melodic glow that makes us think of a Mediterranean Norah Jones. In the seductive music of Hindi Zahra we felt the sun, the ocean, the desert, the Atlas mountains … but also Paris, where we finished recording the album. A sense of adventure and authentically contagious freedom.

– Hindi Zahra
– Ze Luis Nascimento (Percussion)
– Aurelien Calvel (low)
– Rémi Sanna (drums)
– David Dupuis (keyboards, trumpet)
– Jerôme Plasseraud (guitar)
– Paul Salvagnac (guitar)

17 March 21:00 - 23:00
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