Inverfest 2019 – Sr. Chinarro

Sr. Chinarro, icon of the Spanish independent scene, will be in Inverfest presenting his compilation of great successes.

His undeniable career as a group is backed by 16 albums that have reserved him a place of honor in Spanish pop history books. These discs, in turn, have recognized him as an influential lyricist. His prose, full of costumbrismo and folklore, has been published in books, newspapers, magazines and blogs, and has been partly to blame for the claim of Castilian in the groups of the independent scene.

Sr. Chinarro is scathing, resounding and critical, and for that reason he is indicated as the spokesman of his generation.

From his first album, recorded in the USA with the Kramer production, until the last one he has maintained a constant in terms of publication and quality. Its moment of inflection, in 2005 with “El fuego amigo”, awarded by different publications as the best of the year and repeated with the following “El mundo según”, both claimed as essential in the history of Spanish pop music. However, the zenith of his creativity continued with “Ronroneando” and “Presidente”, two of his most vindicated works, and he has continued editing regularly and without rest, until the recent “Asunción” of 2018.

16 January 21:00 - 22:30
c/Barceló, 11
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