Madness Light

Saturday 2⃣4⃣th September – @MadnessLight party at Teatro Barceló wants to be great and we know what you like most:?



Because of trademark rights with a big company we cannot reveal the identity of our “DJ Annonymous”.
So he will wear an annonymous mask?. Will you recognize him?

?For those that have not ever been enjoyed a “Traffic light” party? we will give you some fluorescent light colours:

?GREEN?: For those who are free and are lloking for someone special.

?YELLOW?: For those who are free or not… but want to know new people for good friendships.

❤RED❤: For those who already have what they want. Better not talk with them!!

?Colours are the key of the game ? and NOBODY WILL BE ABLE TO ORDER ANY DRINK?. Although there will be open bar, the rules will force everybody to INVITE ? (free) another persona to have a drink (no alcohol). So, the one who wants a drink… will have to search for someone to ask him for.

Line-up DJs?:
1⃣DJ Annonymous?
2⃣Willy Alcocer @djwillyalcocer
3⃣ Peter Base @peterbasedj

Buy your advance ticket on Fridays 16th and 23rd, from 18 to 19h at Chocolateria ☕ San Ginés or through our web of Teatro Barceló (available soon) by *15€* with open bar or *10€* with 2 drinks. YOu can also buy your tickets at the entrance for 10€ with 2 drinks included (until the sold out) ?

⚠ *Instagram*: ?

⚠ *App*: *”Madness Light”*, iPhone & Android available

Entrance forbidden to people under 14 years old. No alcohol or tobacco allowed in this session.
DNI needed. Entrance under admision rules. Limited capacity. Customer support: 678 385 904

24 September 17:30 - 22:00
calle Barceló, 11

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