Madtown Days: Delafé

Delafé is Oscar D’Aniello, former component of Facto Delafé and Las Flores Azules, a group consisting of three components from other groups: Facto (Marc Barrachina) who left the band in 2010; Delafé that is currently the only component of the band, and Las Flores Azules (Helena Miquel) who left the group in 2015. Their songs mix several styles and that adds a differential value to their music.
In 2016 Delafé published his first solo album “La Fuerza Irresistible”. Since then, the singles have been happening: “La gran ola” (2108), “Menos cabeza más corazón” (2018), “Adrenalina” -feat. Delaporte- (2019), “La Bien Querida” (2019) and “Si está bien” (2019).

The Madtown Days by Jim Beam concert cycle, promoted by Radio Madrid, aims to make the capital the representative center of different musical branches aimed at live lovers. Since 2015, more than 50,000 people have enjoyed the most prominent national and international artists of rock, indie, soul and electronics.

Allowed the entry to children under 16 accompanied by an adult.

17 October 21:00 - 23:30
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