Mastodonte arrives at Teatro Barcelo on November 20 at 9:30 pm to present his first album “Anatomy of an Exodus”, where they capture the experiences and phases that are experienced when you decide to start a new adventure to reach a better future. Do not miss the live concert that will make you travel with them in this new adventure.

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20 November 21:30 - 23:00
calle Barceló, 11

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  • 15 November 20:00 - 15 November 23:00
    The Malloquina band "Sexy Sadie" will visit Teatro Barceló next November 15th at 8:00 pm, to offer a very special live concert in which they will present the album "It's Beautiful, It's Love", with which we will enjoy each of those present. If you want to know more, click here.

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  • 16 November 18:00 - 16 November 23:00
    The Castanya X will celebrate its tenth anniversary in the best space that can do "Teatro Barceló". It will be a great festival in which groups already confirmed will be "Hot Snake", "The Van Pelt", "Flasher" and "White Magic". If any of them is one of your favorite groups ... you can not miss it! Get your ticket right now!
  • FabrikaRecords - concierto
    17 November 19:00 - 17 November 23:00

    The best post-punk festival Fabrika Rec arrives in the capital with the bands of the moment:  Lebanon Hanover, She Past Away y Selofan.

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  • 23 November 20:30 - 23 November 23:00
    In 2014 The Limboos discovered us what was Space Mambo, their first album. Many kilometers, dances and galas afterwards, they returned in 2017 with Limbootica to explore further the confines of the rhythm. The followers of their exoticism have no equal to grow every day that passes, as shown by the two consecutive minutes in the mythical Sala Sol of Madrid in less than a year. There are still many kilometers ahead in this 2018 and many cities in which to display all the flavors contained in Limbootica. However, Los Limboos want to mark a date in red for everyone to mark the day of the great tour of this tour. November 23 will not only end the Limbootica tour, it will also be the preamble to the band's third album and a night that promises to be memorable. For all these reasons, The Limboos want to turn Teatro Barceló in Madrid into the epicenter of flavors and blackness. November 23 seems distant, but on the horizon it is already in the jungle timbales that announce the limbootic frenzy. Reserve your ticket before and one day you can tell that you were there.
     End of tour concert!!
  • 24 November 20:30 - 24 November 23:00
    Jose Ignacio Lapido will be on November 24 at Teatro Barceló. "El alma dormida" is the name of his 7th album, an album that was presented in Madrid on February 3rd in Joy Eslava and since then he has covered most of the Spanish geography. But everything comes to an end, and Lapido's tour will also do it with three great dates in Barcelona, Madrid and Granada. Barceló Theater will be in charge of hosting the Granada on November 24 in a concert whose tickets are already on sale.
  • 1 December 20:30 - 1 December 23:00
    Ilegales will present live the songs of their new album “Rebelión” on December 1 at Teatro Barceló. They are the referents of rock in Spanish for almost four decades. Ilegales have a spectacular baggage: more than 15 albums published (between studio and direct albums), hundreds of concerts on both sides of the ocean, a diamond album, a documentary film that has been shown with great success and songs that have crossed the border of the time to become hymns. After this point in his career, in 2015 they return to the stage with a new album, “La vida es fuego”, which marks his return to the stage. Since then, they have noted the excellent health of the band with an overwhelming live, abundant public at each event and critical success.
  • 11 January 21:00 - 11 January 22:30

    Bely was born in Madrid on December 14, 1991 and soon demonstrates his artistic skills for the composition and interpretation of music. At home he lives a musical atmosphere that crystallized when he performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with 13 years. At that moment, he decides to dedicate himself to music and shares his first recordings on YouTube. To date, it has more than 500,000 followers and 82 million views distributed among hundreds of videos published every two Fridays at 3:00 p.m. The videos include covers, vlogs and own songs.

    In September 2015, he published his first work; an EP with 5 songs under the title "If you want, you lose" that is positioned in the top of sales on the same day of its release. A couple of months later he publishes the single "December and you're not"; that opens the way in markets such as Mexico, USA or Argentina. He then signs with Universal and plays Bella's character in the movie "Beauty and the Beast." Right after, he performs important concerts such as the Arenal Music Festival, Casa Corona or Universal Music Festival, and premieres his debut album, entitled Desde mi otro cuarto. With this work, he enters the Top 3 of the Spanish sales list and launches the singles I do not want to see you cry, Butterflies and We are fire.

    Opening of doors at 9:00 p.m.

    Start 22: 30h

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  • 24 January 21:00 - 24 January 22:30

    After his British tour of 10 years, Juan Zelada has been installed in Spain for 4 years playing with his band in Spain soaking up the music that surrounds him. After his first album in the United Kingdom, and in Spain after 2 albums released with national tours, after many experiences, he started to compose in Spanish for vital need after all he had lived. His musical roots keep him moving towards the Anglo-Saxon, so he keeps almost half of the new album in English, but the challenge of composing in Spanish means eclectic styles, varied genres, and new ways of interpreting good compositions.

    With the new album that will launch in January 2019, it aims to break many barriers and clichés, posing an eclectic and varied disc of styles while maintaining its essence and particular style.

    Opening of doors at 9:00 p.m.

    Start 22: 30h

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  • 26 January 21:00 - 26 January 22:30

    "Míranos" is the first album by Marta Soto, the Huelva-born singer who once dazzled everyone with magical versions of her favorite songbook, with a warm and communicative voice like few others, now covered by her own intimate repertoire, Marta Soto is destined to become the great revelation of Spanish pop.

    Opening of doors at 9:00 p.m.

    Start 22: 30h

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  • 31 January 21:00 - 31 January 22:30
    Two rockers in love with music join forces. Recognized by critics and supported by the public, both have a professional background that endorses two races full of success. Rubén Pozo, founder of Pereza, got "On the Move" in 2015 and in 2017 he launches "Habrá que vivir". Lichis, poet and voice of "The Mechanical Goat", began his solo career by entering "Airplane Mode" in 2014. This year 2018 has toured the country presenting his latest LP "Butterflies & Summer Tournaments", just released on vinyl. After several collaborations, the two artists embark on a project that will give much to talk about in the coming months. "Mesa para dos" is the name chosen for the duo that offers the audience the opportunity to listen and get excited about the songs of both musicians. Friends and accomplices on stage, Rubén and Lichis offer a show that will delight those who love good rock and music with capital letters. Opening of doors at 9:00 p.m. Start 22: 30h Get your ticket now!
  • 1 February 21:00 - 1 February 22:30
    Mäbu has become an indispensable band in the independent music scene. Drinking from such classic sources as the song of the author, is a band capable of getting rid of clichés and manid formulas, agglutinating influences from independent rock, pop, or soundtracks, in order to define an unmistakably personal style. Until today, with more than two hundred concerts behind him throughout our country and the publication of four recordings, the band is promoting his latest album TENTH. "A new work that celebrates his 10 years of career that has the collaboration of ten artists from the Spanish music scene: Marilia, Mikel Erentxun, Adriana Moragues, Marlango, Rayden, Jorge Marazu, Maria Rozalén, Iseo, Estibaliz Uranga and Izal and which gives rise to her incredible "Tenth Anniversary Tour". Opening of doors at 9:00 p.m. Start 22: 30h Get your ticket now!
  • 9 February 20:00 - 9 February 23:00
    The fantastic guitarist and composer of Rhythm & Blues group, Dr. Feelgood, will perform in Madrid on February 9th, presenting his new album 'Blow your mind'. The great Texan guitarist Jesse Dayton will start the evening.

    Opening of doors at 20:00 Jesse Dayton: 20: 30 Wilko Johnson: 21:30

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