Nick Waterhouse

Described at the beginning of his career as a young man who makes old rhythm’n’blues, Nick Waterhouse has become an icon of the activists of sounds previous to the rock’n’roll.

Born in southern California in the late 1980s, he grew up marked by his parents’ classic preferences for soul, blues and rock. He cultivated that trend first in his high school years (when he formed his first band, The Intelligista) and then moved to San Francisco and worked as a clerk in a vintage record store (a story very much in the line of the book “High Fidelity “By Nick Hornby). And so the time for the first single came, “Some Place,” which flew fast between collectors of current rhythm’n’blues, and then a five-song EP, “Is That Clear” (2011).

The following year, debut LP, “Time’s All Gone.” The second, “Holly”, arrived in 2014. And between both was dedicated to produce the psychedelia garagera of Allah-Las. With “Never Twice” (2016) he has completed his first trilogy. He has done so by giving the band more space than in his previous works, with organ solos and tenor sax in nine of his ten cuts, and refining his sound. In these three albums Nick has been blurring boundaries between the classic and the contemporary, adding touches of succinct modernity (his replica to the 50s and 60s) to what we could call the indie version of Chris Isaak.

07 February 20:00 - 23:00
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