Remember light party


?Sab. 17 @TeatroBarcelo
?Sab. 24 @JoyLight

? The room that has most people … will OPEN our EIGHT SEASON in September! ???.

Since we can not choose a party … we bring you ALL !! We bring together the best of every party ???

Remember the party

? EUROJOYS to buy all type of products of our themes throughout these 7 years !! (Sunglasses, T-shirts, caps, pens, pendants, cloth bracelets, spinners, fluorine items …) ??

Our entire animation team !!
LED Robots, Dwarves, Performance, …

SURPRISES ALL OVER THE ROOM … a little bit of fruit?! ?????? and the best mojitos without alcohol in Madrid !!!

? You can not forget our megatron that this time will be the TRIPLE !! ???

Rain of balloons, rain of luminous WITHOUT LIGHT and rain of gifts for everybody !! ??

⚫ NORMAL ENTRY X 10 € with 2 drinks without euroJoys • #SeeYouSoonMadness ⚠ ORIGINAL MANDATORY ID ⚠ ENTRY PERMITTED TO +14 YEARS

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No entry for children under 14 years. Light Session without alcohol or tobacco.
It is compulsory to show ID. Entry under admission rules. Limited capacity. Customer Service: 678 385 904

17 June 17:30 - 22:00
c/Barceló, 11
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