Rodrigo Cuevas

End of Tour “El Mundo por Montera”.

Rodrigo Cuevas + Special guests.

El Mundo Por Montera ends its journey in the Inverfest Festival in XL version (with band) after almost two years and many dozens of performances throughout the Spanish territory; a format that gives greater musical amplitude to the show and much more freedom to Rodrigo Cuevas to distribute all the pheromones that you need throughout the room.

The training of guitarist, winds and percussions makes the show much more danceable and, at the same time, more cabaret.

A repertoire of music, hilarious stories, anecdotes and traditional stories that undoubtedly tend to sweat and, therefore, to nudism.

Heat brought from the tropic of Covadonga, with much folklore, much reggaetonada and much neoperreo.

As guests of the ceremony we will have 3 priestesses of song and show: Rocío Saiz (Las Chillers), La Shica and Cristina Manjón (Fuel Fandango).

10 January 21:00 - 22:30
c/Barceló, 11
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