San Valentín 2.0 + Carnaval Light

If you’re out of Valentine’s Day tickets at Joy Light, we have * the solution * to your problem

     ?1⃣8⃣ / 0⃣2⃣ / 1⃣7⃣?

After two * COMPLETE AFFAIRS * we open Teatro Barceló to enjoy the experience of our

 ? * Valentine 2.0 + Carnival *

Gift of * 400 venetian masks * to the first 400 arrived *

? * TRAFFIC *, because nobody likes San Solterin ?

A red rose for each guy to give to his favorite girl ? and a white rose to each girl for her guy.?

Special animation and acrobatas show

Dembow & Reggaeton Special Session

Rain * 500 * ? and huge teddy bears for the girl and the guy with more roses?

In cabin we will have to

Entrance at the box office without add-ons with 2 drinks 10 € ⚠DNI REQUIRED ORIGINAL

# SanValentin2.0

No entry for children under 14 years. Light Session without alcohol or tobacco.
Essential ID. Entry subject to admission rules. Limited capacity. Customer Service: 678 385 904

Verificando disponibilidad de entradas… un momento! 🙂

18 February 17:30 - 22:00
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