The Limboos

In 2014 The Limboos discovered us what was Space Mambo, their first album. Many kilometers, dances and galas afterwards, they returned in 2017 with Limbootica to explore further the confines of the rhythm. The followers of their exoticism have no equal to grow every day that passes, as shown by the two consecutive minutes in the mythical Sala Sol of Madrid in less than a year.

There are still many kilometers ahead in this 2018 and many cities in which to display all the flavors contained in Limbootica. However, Los Limboos want to mark a date in red for everyone to mark the day of the great tour of this tour. November 23 will not only end the Limbootica tour, it will also be the preamble to the band’s third album and a night that promises to be memorable.

For all these reasons, The Limboos want to turn Teatro Barceló in Madrid into the epicenter of flavors and blackness. November 23 seems distant, but on the horizon it is already in the jungle timbales that announce the limbootic frenzy. Reserve your ticket before and one day you can tell that you were there.

 End of tour concert!!
23 November 20:30 - 23:00
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