Vanesa Martín

On March 25, the first concert of the season of LOS40 Basic Opel Corsa begins, and … what better to start than with Vanesa Martín?

Teatro Barceló will be filled with magic next Monday at 8:30 pm with all the surprises Málaga has prepared and we want you to know some of them:

In the first place, you will have the pleasure of enjoying the artist in a close environment, because the audience will be reduced, which will be a luxury for all of you, the followers.
On the other hand, if something characterizes these concerts is the good vibes and complicity that there is in the public, which makes you breathe happiness and admiration on the part of everyone.
And finally, Vanesa Martín has many surprises prepared and that this we can not advance. The only thing is that on stage there will be something that is impossible to imagine, related to music.
If you do not want to miss this concert you are still in time to participate in the contest organized by LOS40 Basic Opel Corsa.

Enjoy an artist like Vanesa Martín in a close environment, personal and in total connection.

Do not miss it!

25 March 20:30 - 23:00
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