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Fiesta MY 31 de Enero
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

MY f&l… the revelation session of this season in Madrid.

Next Wednesday 7 Feb:

?LARY OVER. The baby joker! Live ?
BOYS ??: 1×10€ or 2×18€ until 1:30h
GIRLS ??: Free until 1:30h
Bottles ?: Room: €150 (€100 before 1:00h). Scenario: €180
More info at: @MYofficialspain

Fiesta Sábado 27
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

The best thing you can do this Saturday… is to come and have fun with us in the best party of the weekend.

Fiesta viernes 26
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

How good it feels when the weekend arrives… and this Friday we will have euphoria of FRIYAY all night long!

Fiesta Jueves 25
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

The party calls us to have fun in a new #BarceloDAY… An unforgettable night awaits you, with the best music and among friends, what more can you ask for?

MY Enero 24
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

The most exclusive and hottest session in Madrid continues to blow up! This wednesday, Dj Alex Martini visits us. Don’t miss this MY party…

Fiestas 20 de Enero
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

Saturday is almost here, and you can only think about one thing … What a great time we will have at this new PURE edition!

Fiesta Viernes 19
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

FRIYAY was created for you to have a good time! This friday we will enjoy another great night among friends.

Fiesta Jueves 18
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

This Thursday, a new #BarceloDAY! Let’s have FUN, there’s no cold weather that can stop us…

Fiesta My 17 de Enero
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

Despite the cold, MY F & L continues to bust the Wednesdays in Madrid. Check it yourself and come to dance at the hottest party.

Fiesta sábado 13
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

You know you can’t miss a night as PURE as this … On Saturdays your party is at Teatro Barceló.

Fiesta Viernes 12
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

It’s time to enjoy an unforgettable Friday! FRIYAY is the funniest night in Madrid, are you going to miss it?

Fiesta Jueves 11
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

Second edition of the year of the best party at Madrid on thursday… #BarceloDAY means party.

Fiesta MY 10 de Enero
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

Our weekends start on Wednesdays and we do not want you to miss this big party..

23:59 c/Barceló, 11

The Three Wise Men will also come to our disco and we are sure they will leave some magic for our Saturday session.

23:59 c/Barceló, 11

On January 5th, Madcity and Teatro Barceló will celebrate their first anniversary party with a very special guest: KRYDER. Chris Knight, British DJ & producer, better known as Kryder, twice managed to occupy the number one position in worldwide sales on the portal ‘Beatport’ with his songs “Aphrodite” and “All That Matters”, thanks to the mix between the most pure of ‘house’ and the bagpipes and percussions of the palenque and the Colombian folk sounds.

The famous dark knight of the House scene, Kryder, arrives in Madrid in his first show in 2018 … So ask the Three Wise Men all you want now, because Madcity is already in charge of putting the icing on this special night … You cannot miss it!

Buy your tickets now!

VIP & bookings: +34 637843930

23:59 c/Barceló, 11

If your New Year’s purpose is to enjoy life more, Teatro Barceló is the right place to do it!!

Fiesta My Teatro Barceló
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

We start 2018 as it should be! First Wednesday of the year in the session that marked 2017 and this year wants more and more. We will be accompanied by the talented Dj Nuno N.Bi with an exclusive set!

BOYS??: 1×10 € or 2×18 € until 1:30h
GIRLS??: Free until 1:30h
Bottles?: Room: 150€ (100€ before 1:00). Stage: 180€

More info at: MY The Club

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