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MY 28 Feb
23:59 calle Barceló, 11

¡Don’t miss Madrid’s hottest party!

GUYS: 1×10€ or 2×18€ until 1:30h

GIRLS: Free until 1:30h

Bottles: Room: €150 (€100 before 1:00). Scenario: €180

More info at: @MYofficialspain

Fiesta sábado 24 Febrero
23:59 calle Barceló, 11

You can only find the most exciting Saturdays in the entire capital at Teatro Barceló… Join the party!

Fiesta viernes 23 Febrero
23:59 calle Barceló, 11

We are wild at Teatro Barceló! A great “animal party” awaits you this Friday at FRIYAY.

Fiesta jueves 22 Febrero
23:59 calle Barceló, 11

The night that opens up your weekend is coming… Let’s create moments together this Thursday at BarcelóDAY!

MY 21 de Febrero
23:59 calle Barceló, 11

More and more fun, getting stronger!

GUYS: 1×10€ or 2×18€ until 1:30h

GIRLS: Free until 1:30h

Bottles: Room: €150 (€100 before 1:00). Scenario: €180

More info at: @MYofficialspain

fiesta sábado 17
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

This Saturday we will have HUMBERTO & DANIELO as guest DJs! Don’t stay home and come have fun with us …

Fiesta viernes 16
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

BRIAN CROSS will be with us again this Friday, filling our room with energy! Don’t miss a FRIYAY with such a big party…

Fiesta Jueves 15
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

If this Thursday you are wishing to have an unforgettable night, you know where you have to go …

MY 14 de Febrero
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

MY f&l the hottest session of the capital ?

BOYS?: 1×10 € or 2×18 € until 1: 30h

GIRLS?: Free until 1: 30h

Bottles?: Room: € 150 (€ 100 before 1:00). Stage: € 180

More info at: @MYofficialspain

Tangaval 11 de Febrero
19:30 c/Barceló, 11

Life is NOT a carnival. Life is a TANGAVAL! We return on FEBRUARY 11 with the first TANGA carnival! in Madrid. Come shake your maracas with us with 12 hours of party, 3 rooms (HITS, R & B and HOUSE), animation of vertigo and ALSO …


♦ COSTUMES COMPETITION ♦ Presented by La Prohibida

€ 1,000 in prizes!






FREE until 7:30 p.m.

From 7:30 p.m. to 00:00 p.m., € 12 with drink.

From 00h until we close, € 15 with drink.


Advance tickets valid all night at


★ HITS Room ★

Las Juanettes Djs



Giulio Malatesta

Lolito Malibu


★ R & B Room ★

Jean Sialer



★ Room HOUSE ★

Erik López

Kevin Edwards




Fiesta Fonsi Nieto 10 Feb
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

FONSI IS BACK! This Saturday we will have the pleasure to relive a brutal night with Fonsi Nieto putting together an incredible party on our main stage. On this occasion accompanied by 2LoversDJs. Don’t let lose the opportunity of attending this amazing party…

Viernes 9 febrero
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

Carnival is here! And in our FRIYAY party is where you should be if you want music, celebration and lots of fun. We’ll be waiting for you!

Fiesta Jueves
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

Let’s have a great time this Thursday in a new edition of #BarceloDAY! An amazing party night awaits you …

Fiesta My 7 de Febrero
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

?MY F & L ?
Wednesday 7 February 2018

The Baby Joker! @LARYOVER

Raymond Guevara, better known as Lary Over, was born in Carolina, Puerto Rico. He is one of the greatest exponents of the Latin Trap genre, along with Anuel AA, Bad Bunny and others.
His biggest hits so far are the songs “Diabla” (with Farruko and Bad Bunny) and “Tu Me Enamorastes” ft. Anuel AA, Bryant Myers, Almighty and Brytiago. Other popular songs include “Solo Remix” ft. Amenazzy. “If I look for you”, “Undress”, “Snap Chat”, “Forgive me” ft. Mike Towers, etc …
Until recently, Lary Over was working with producer Young Hollywood, and is now signed with Farruko’s record label, Carbon Fiber Music.

Wednesday at Teatro Barceló.
Barceló Street 11. Madrid
Info and reservations: 644032166

Tickets 1×12 € (First 100 entries)

Bottom: Island and lateral 180€ (5pax)
Back: €150 5 pax (the big 2 bot, 10pax)

Upper: €180 (6pax)

1000€ (Minimum consumption) 4 dj (8pax)
600€ (Minimum consumption) 2 of the sides (6pax)
€250 (Minimum consumption) The rest (5pax)

Fiesta Sábado 3
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

Let’s dance non-stop this Saturday at our #PURE party! We want you to enjoy a great night with your friends.

Fiesta viernes 2
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

Nicky Romero will be the guest DJ at the Sounds of Ballantine’s party next Friday, February 2! An incredible party is coming.

Ballantine’s will bring us a very special night … Do not miss this unique opportunity!

Get your booking by calling: 914470128 – 637843930
On our website:
Buy your tickets at the entrance: Friday from 00:00

Fiesta Jueves 1 Febrero
23:59 c/Barceló, 11

This Thursday is #BarceloDAY, the night that opens up your weekend. Let’s uncork fun!

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